Why “Our Grandmothers’ Recipes”? No, that’s not a typo you see there. Over the years I’ve met so many people with a connection to Czech culture, mostly, descendants of those who had emigrated away from Czechoslovakia and to the US and Australia. They still have a connection to their heritage but don’t speak Czech or know much about the culture. One thing they all have in common- their grandmothers’ cooking.

This website has been a long time coming. I was born in Prague, to Czech parents, but we moved away when I was three. Since then, I’ve lived in many different places, and have been exposed to so many different cultures and cuisines. I’ve always had a soft spot for Czech food, having fond memories of that and my grandmothers’ cooking when we came to visit. This is my attempt to reconnect to my cultural heritage. I’ve found that there are many, many other people in my situation; a connection to Czech Republic or Slovakia but who aren’t actually Czech. I’d love for this website to help them, too.

I am constantly adjusting, changing and improving my recipes, depending on what I feel like, and I strongly encourage you to do the same! I love hearing from you- reach me on Facebook, Pinterest or email at info@ourgrandmothersrecipes.com.